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Unleash Your Brand's Potential in the UK Market with BrandQuest UK!


At BrandQuest UK, we're not just another trade distribution business; We're the pioneers of 'VALUE ADD' in the Consumer Electronics & Telecom accessory channels, and we're here to revolutionise your brand's reach. 


Join forces with us to access: 

• National UK Retailers

• Strategic Online Retailers like Amazon, Ebay & ONBuy

• B2B Opportunities, including Corporate Incentive Clients & IT Resellers 


We're more than just distributors – we're your collaborative partners. Our dedicated team takes immense pride in representing the brands in our supplier portfolio. Together, we'll unlock new horizons for your products. 


Why choose BrandQuest UK? 

  • Unparalleled transparency and strategic approach

  • Long-term partnerships built on trust and reliability

  • Fast and efficient distribution, ensuring on-time delivery

  • Consistent quality and customer satisfaction 


With our extensive network and expertise, we distribute over 15,000 premium consumer electronic products every month from our UK warehouse. We are the distribution partner you can rely on. 


Don't miss out on the UK's thriving market. Take action now and watch your brand soar to new heights. Contact us today to seize exciting growth opportunities aligned with your business strategies. Let's make success happen together!

Our Vision

Whilst we continue to grow as a business year on year, we're still working towards the same goal that we've had from the beginning; 

  • We want to support the Brands & Customers in the UK channel with a service that is fuelled by CREATIVE THINKING, is RESPONSIVE to our customers’ needs and the knowledge of our suppliers can be a link to find regular incremental opportunities. 

  • Our distribution model works directly with our brand partners, always within an agreed & aligned strategy.

  • By offering a close collaborative partnership we ensure incremental growth for each vendor we represent in the UK market from our hugely experienced team at BrandQuest UK.

Overhead View of Warehouse

How We Started

BrandQuest UK Ltd was established in 2014 by our CEO & Founder Stuart Lovelock - Stuart wanted to build a business model, that supported suppliers (or) brands of Consumer Electronics & accessories for core range distribution closely focused on working ‘for’ our Suppliers & Vendors! 


The Need For Strategy

Our business model is for strategic 'Trade Wholesaler' of clearance stocks for all our suppliers as well, so this includes all slow moving, Phase out / EOL product into pre agreed customers and channels.

Value Added Distribution

Stuart and his team are clear in the company’s vision that is to essentially provide a ‘VALUE ADD’ distribution vehicle that was no longer visible in the UK after the saturation within the smartphone & accessories markets!

Distribution Process

Our Distribution Process








Evaluate & Repeat

Warehouse Workers at BrandQuest

Our Customer Promise

  • Vendor REPRESENTATION & Brand Protection 
  • Working for each Vendor’s Brand(s) Health WITHOUT EXCEPTION by UNDERSTANDING all required commercial restrictions or caveats in our supply chain vehicle
  • Understanding changes in MARKET TRENDS & product evolution within the core categories we supply
  • REGULAR CONTACT with our Brand Partners & Retail Buyers to plan and execute sustainable sales & promotional opportunities for both
  • Absolute integrity & transparency WITHOUT exception
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